Townview Operations Continuity Plan

Important Notice and our Commitment to keeping Australian’s producing.

Thanks so much to everyone that we are working with through this very unusual time in Australia. I have experienced more conversations and actual interaction with you all within these last weeks. Your encouragement and joy is greatly appreciated. From a safe distance of course.

We are doing all that we can to follow the exact guidelines recommended by the Australian Government as well as monitoring and implementing world standards as we stay updated on this global situation.

Our positive belief is that Mankind will rapidly contain and come through this condition as we always have in the past. It will be due to the positive work of us all and our positive view of the future that will carry us through. We have earned our right to occupy this planet.

There are without a doubt physical actions that we need to carry out to ensure that our personal hygiene is to the highest standards possible and at the same time allow us to carry on with life and the day to day requirements of operating our businesses, caring for our families and people we are all surrounded by.

You are welcome to download this booklet. Just click on the image:

It is more than an individual effort and I know we are all aware of this. But it is important that we do not allow this to separate us as friends and groups to maintain the spirit of man and that of our valuable Australian culture and the many cultures across Australia and the Globe.

Technology is at our hands and we can communicate so easily with friends and associates near and far. We have simple free tools like Zoom, Facebook Video and Apple Facetime to name just a few. And they are all free. Just a Wattsapp Group can suddenly form a fun and exciting group.

This is the time to ensure you call the ones that you love and reassure them that you are there for them. There is a lot of traumatic news happening on just about every channel available on the internet and television. Some good news really is what we need to hear. Share something cool and funny, it goes a long way.

Look busy, the BOSS is watching.

The CEO is watching over the office every day of the week to ensure the team are all following the protocols. Do you also have an assigned person to keep everyone on point?

Assisting Our Customers, Our Staff & Community

We have equipped our staff with PPE and Sanitisation Kits, including remote meeting solutions, so our team can continue working. This helps encourage social distancing and maintains our social responsibility to others within our community.

Townview continues to invest in the highest quality height safety equipment and trade systems for our technical team providing the best and safest service possible at all times, while continuing to support the Sydney Building Maintenance Industry.

What We Ask of You

Townview Australia is 100% Australian owned and managed, we pride ourselves on the continual commitment we make to our team members, our customers and our communities.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have been in contact with our people or equipment, please advise our staff as soon as possible, so we can act appropriately to keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team on: 9560 3929.

We’re here to help.

Stay safe, and keep looking out for each other.

Let’s make it happen so that we can keep our border open and international travel a continued freedom for us all.

Your Townview Team!