The Hidden Cost of Safety Violations!

  • Unsafe Workers Ignore Precautions
    • The cost to a company for failing to protect property can be measured in financial loss, loss of time and most importantly, loss of reputation.
  • Taking Action Is Easy
    • A drop sheet under a working area takes literally 30 seconds to set up. This is called Protecting Property and is a Safety Obligation.
    • Spilt Paint can take hours to clean up and in some cases, leaves irreversible staining on the surfaces.
  • Safe Workers
    • A Safe Worker always takes the time to put in place the necessary precautions.
    • He can predict the future and always ensures it is a safe one.



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  • Mike King

  • See Page 2 for my personal story on Safety

Our Site Supervisor here, Davo, constantly checking with the guys.

I never forget that first safety induction I attended in 1998 here in Sydney.

I have heard how “boring” these days are and that all you have to do is sit there and pass the test at the end of the day.

Nothing could have been further than the truth.

The lecturer started the lesson with a very interesting story. He told about the apprentice at smoko went off to the shop to get the morning tea orders for the team. As you do, the apprentice always gets the good jobs.

Anyway, he returned to the site with coffees and pies and whatever other health food the team had asked him to get. He opened the door at the side of the site panels and stepped through into the job site. Except that this was an unlocked door into a 6 metre vertical drop. At the bottom lay set in the foundation concrete with reinforcement steel bars, all in a row, standing vertical.The apprentice died that morning.

All that it would have taken was for a small strip of barricade tape, as you see at the top of the page, and he may have been warned to not open the door that day. Of course it should have been bolted shut.

Somebody’s son. Somebody’s brother, mate, boyfriend.

I’m not writing this story to try and scare you or to make the workplace seem like a dangerous environment. It shouldn’t be. But all it takes is just a little monitoring of the site, on a CONTINUAL BASIS, to keep these safety points in.

Safety is not a noun. It is a VERB and a continuous action to monitor and keep in place those Control Measures that we write into the Safe Working Method Statement.

You see it is a Working Method Statement and that is something 

that continues to be monitored

The items above help with life threatening hazards and protect the damage to property as well as environment.

A strip of barricade tape will prevent a pedestrian or fellow worker from walking into a hazardous work area.

A $20 Drop Sheet, taking one minute to lay across the base of the work area, will save hours and hundreds of dollars in cleanup time due to spilt paint.

A Danger Sign. Once again, one low cost item will save a life or prevent a serious injury.

And a strip of masking tape protects a painted edge against a stained timber or row of tiles.

Definitely, at the very least, saves the frustration of the boss paying for valuable time cleaning up a mess that could have so easily been prevented.

So that one day induction that was pre amped to be one of those boring days of my life, turned out giving me a lifetime message on the value and simplicity of safety.

Let’s all do our best to keep it in.

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