Knowing where the different categories for the work processes makes all the difference in confidently managing them.

Safety Incidents are actually happening day in and day out on any job site across the city. It doesn’t just include people falling off ladders or getting electrocuted.

Safety encompasses a whole range of incidents that are occurring day in and day out. Driving managers and supervisors almost around the bend and costing companies millions of dollars. Probably Billions due to lack of care in these areas.

Take another look at the above and see if you can spot the safety precautions taken in these images.

The obvious ones are that the technicians are safely attached with their harnesses to  3 tonne breaking strain ropes. And there are two of them.

But what about the damage that is caused from not taking care of the little finer points of safety.

Have a closer look at this same image now:

I am absolutely sure that your boss or supervisor is going to appreciate you just taking that little care. It is the difference between being a cowboy or a professional.

Nobody wants a cowboy taking care of their place. Right!

So the next time you review your risk assessment at the beginning of the project, ensure that you drop these hazards and control measures into your SWMS.



5 minutes of care can safe thousands in financial loss, not to mention the embarrassment and heartache.

It really is a terrible feeling to destroy a good job due to stupid mistakes. Make sure that you also have you safety in.


From the Quality Control office of Townview

See you next time On The Ropes!