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A Case Study

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Light House Painting

Being a part of a large and helpful network is what makes it all come together when the pressure is on.
We completed this light house painting project.

In the past decade, I would not have been able to count the amount of times when we ourselves have had to call for help. Having to make a […]

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Work Safety

Sydney On The Ropes.

Hi Guys, This Week is all SAFETY:
There are so many facets to safety on the work site and in our lives.

We tell each other each day to “Work Safe”. I do. But what does that really mean?
Site Inductions, Incident Reporting, Material Safety Data Sheets, Trip and Slip Hazards, Safe Work Method Statements, […]

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Sydney On The Ropes.
What fantastic weather for getting some work done. Warm clear skies
and making hay while the sun is shining.

OK! This Week’s Feature Articles:

The Multi Tool
The Ultimate Energy Solution

We hear the buzz words of the environment and movements of global warming, sustainability, green house gases, carbon emissions, environmental change and now with […]

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Intro to Townview Australia

Hi there Rope Access Enthusiasts,

Just a personal hello from myself and possibly the first piece of information that you have received about Townview Australia.

We are a Building Maintenance Company, but feel that we have a very prominent difference from all other difficult access companies in our industry and in fact many other Building Maintenance companies […]

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Sydney On The Ropes is BACK

Sydney On The Ropes is BACK!

This Months Letter:
1. Well Done Sydney!

2. Announcing the Winner!

3. Comm Bank Goes Green.

A Greener Sydney
Well Done Sydney Ports for taking a step in the right direction using Low VOC Paints. With recent touch ups bringing the well known face of the Sydney Silos up to scratch, Sydney selected Enviro Choice Certified Astec Coatings […]

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Our Home Page

The Townview Home Page is up and looking pretty grooved in now.

We decided to go with a new Word Press Design. This was mainly due to the easy drop and drag features of the site and to have the ability to place a post at any time on one of our interested project and applications.

This […]

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Townview Australia

Hi Guys;

It has been a while coming, but the new Townview Australia site is up.

Just need to spent a little time bring the pages and articles across. Then time to get busy updating you on what we have been up to over the past months.

Heaps of great shots and stories as always.

This one is one […]

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