The Basics

The Basics Do Not Change

Whether the project be large of small, short or tall, the Basics of any painting project do not change.

No matter what the job, these steps need to be in place if you are to guarantee the success of any painting project.

  • Safety

  • Quality

  • Efficiency

And at the end of it all, we always maintain good manner and respect for our fellow workers, the client and of course all of those that come into contact with us during the project stages.

The Townview Policy on these areas is called Production Priority. This is one of the very first indoctrinations that a technician will be introduced to when joining our company. And even still we are finding and refining more and more where the different part of a project fit into one of more of these area.

But they always do.

For example, Protecting The Environment falls under Safety. If a worker is unable to follow the environmental procedures for handing paints and materials, then he will be deemed an unsafe worker. Or if he is unable to take the care to place a paint drop sheet underneath his work area while he is painting a wall, he will also be deemed an unsafe worker. As he has failed to protect the property of the client that we are working for.

We were really surprised at how many of the functions that we carry out actual fall under safety. After careful analysis, there were far more areas that did and even though working at heights is an extreme safety conscious activity, it makes these other points no less than that of safety as well and to be handled accordingly.

There is also a heap of technology and quality application tips I have and will share with you all.

I hope you enjoy this series of news letters and gain more knowledge on how we use these three areas to guide us to a better and higher quality service in line with the purpose of our company.

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From the Quality Control office of Townview



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