My Protest to Refresher Training, Just ask Vinnie Jones.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many great experiences that I have completing the various refresher training modules that are a part of my industry. I still suffer from that first barrier to learning. Yep! I still think that I already know all there is to know about it.

How could I learn more about abseiling. I have been a Level III Supervisor since the Year 2,000. I should know it all right? And as was proven in my three yearly re-assessment last year, I actually required another week of refresher training to become competent with the skills and techniques that had evolved into the field. The end result being that I am very refreshed as a supervisor and even more so as a climber able and effortlessly use my skills.

Then once again, last weekend was no exception. Time to refresh my First Aid Certificate. Seems like I have sat through so many of these classes, and even a successful CPR Rescue under my belt. But here once again I found myself envisioning another day sitting and robotically absorbing the information. Maybe there could be something new. They do seem to change things each year anyway.

Well, once again I was wrong and within less than an hour into the training day I realised that there was a whole new level of understanding to be gained. The result, a more confident first aider ready to save lives.

The personal win that I received from this training refresher being that I now have the full picture of what it takes to be a first aider and that I am confident in all of these areas.

In summary, It is called DRSABCD. I find it easier to remember as DRS ABCD. And with technology we are now able to provide the level of first aid that an Ambulance Driver would be pleased to receive a victim that has been cared for in this way. A living and stable person is the result that we are going for. The clear and easy to follow chart is available for all to see at:

St Johns DRSABCD Chart Online 

In summary it means that all I need to remember when it comes to first aid are these seven point. And if you are scared to kiss some victim that you have no idea where they have been, just do what Vinnie Jones does.

This VIDEO is a blast. Stayin Alive

With mass production of electronic items, we are able to pick up a Defibrillation Machine for about $1,200. You hardly even have to know how to use it. Push the button and it tells you exactly what to do. In multiple languages.

It is training and retraining and drilling those skills that we have until we know them cold. That is the mark of a professional and the type of person that you would want as your work buddy any day of the week.

Insist on refreshers training and the continual drilling of yours and others work skills.

A Big Cheers from a Refreshed First Aider.

See you next time On The Ropes.

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The First Barrier to Learning. Something that I found when I completed my first study course on the Barriers to Study back in 1998. Realising that there is no barrier to where I want my career to take me, it is an excellent foundation in knowing how to break down and understand any subject under the sun. You can read more about the Study Skills at the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Website.