Hi Guys;

This project is very special for us as we not only found an amazing new client to complete projects like this for, but also were able to bring together a group of amazing talent to fully restore this high profile heritage facade in Sydney and really clean up some long overdue repairs, bringing this building up like new.

In fact, I would be bold enough to say that it is even looking better than new as the curtain starts to unveil!

We made some very special friends during this project!

Firstly James from All Up Scaffolding. James worked with us from the very onset as this front section of the building absolutely required a full scaffolding to ensure that we were able to get the best renderers in the industry right into position to complete their high class works. James assisted us with Engineering Diagrams and application to City of Sydney to ensure we were fully compliant for the Health and Safety requirements for access to this project.

Secondly and without a doubt the most important new partner for this project was Jason from Aussie Rendering. Jason’s skill and the team that he brought with him not only allowed us to give this building a brand new finish, but also he provided us with personal training on the application of render coatings to a quality far beyond our expectations for remedial work.

And of course, Ian from Core Engineering, ensuring that we have complied with the requirements of the project. So good to work with guys like this that absolutely love what they do.

When you have the basic steps in the correct sequence, any project can be completed in the professional trade finish required.

This video is a simple demonstration of how to get that final finish with a render skim coating over a render patch repair. You will see here how light touch the finish is and when painted over with a textured coating becomes invisible indeed.

Click on this link of the image to watch the short video: Video Link!

The techniques to complete rendering patches to a level of quality that we had never really believed we could achieve finaly started to become a reality on this project and working with our new project partners.

Time to get busy boys. We have a lot of patching to do.

I look forward to updating you with the completed project. It sure is a good feeling to bring a patchy wall like this one back to looking brand new again

We are mid compiling a video series showing the step by step process of a complete repair. I will be sharing this with you. From that dusty and dangerous cutout to the final texture.

Thanks so much for joining me today. I look forward to see you real soon on the ropes.

Mike King

Lead Technician

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