What are your kids and grand kids going to think of what we have left them?

Will you be proud of what we have left behind?

Ever wonder what happened to that precious piece of land originally taken to build these structures on top of. What impact does this have on planet Earth?

We are bulldozing  faster than the blink of an eye in fact. You can check the statistics online. “How many new houses are built each year in America?” July 2018. 1,224,000 New Homes or Units. Just divide that my the number of days in that month. Divide again by 31 days, balance again hours, then   minutes and you will find how fast we are moving.

It comes down to 27 New Home Units Every Minute. Man the unfathomable right. I am sure that you can see, this is a HUGE Impact. And this is just the US.

Now imagine how it would feel to wave a magic wand on every building on planet earth and turn each of them, one at a time, into climatary purification pods.

Purification pods that would no longer steal from mother nature all that oh so valuable space that we now so long have stolen from her and to give her back not only the same oxygen and purification process that was originally in place, but in actuality, give her more back more than was originally taken.

Wouldn’t that be something?

We can handle out cities one at a time, until one day, they are all done!

Our Philoshopy

We can create the cleanest cities on the planet.
With the correct technology, this is now easily within our reach. We can see a saved planet in this lifetime.
Wouldn’t that be something?
If we all work together, it will take much less effort than we thought.Turning Sydney into the world’s cleanest.

Creating the Cleanest City on the planet! 

Our Recipe

Simply wave your magic wand to turn our buildings into air purification pods.