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Being a part of a large and helpful network is what makes it all come together when the pressure is on.

We completed this light house painting project.

Painting a Light House in Sydney Harbour

In the past decade, I would not have been able to count the amount of times when we ourselves have had to call for help. Having to make a call to HILTI because we were one anchor point short. The rep would just drive that package straight across Sydney ensuring we could finish the job. Or those times when we needed just one more tin of membrane and Kim from ASTEC would be knocking on the warehouse door with a late night delivery.

“I’m sorry! Our trading hours are:”

This type of statement just isn’t a part of their vocabulary. And there are so many incredible suppliers and specialists that continue to provide such incredible service for us in alignment with this positive attitude.

“Steve, we need a boat by next Monday.” “Not a problem. We’ll be there.”

This really is part of building a successful team. Finding the different people that you want to work with as a team and knowing that they will do all within their power to provide you with the best service possible.

Best light house paint

Organising a project like this one certainly takes some planning. All of the little pieces that come together from coordinating with the Ports control room, through to all of the product logistics, successfully getting into position safely and effectively to carry out the work. Forgetting just one tool can mean a regretful trip back to dry land.

But then again, this is the dynamic aspect of what we do. Planning out all of the known steps and using our experience to bring about good prediction is vital. But it is the dynamic aspect of the work that really makes it fun. What happens when the winds come up? How high does the tide go? Can we actually reach every little nook and cranny of this structure?

This is where the challenge that our technicians love so much comes into play. Bringing a project together, overcoming all of the obstacles and barriers is what makes a team. And as the project comes together, the morale really starts to lift.

What a great place to be heading off to work.

I look forward to having you join us as a part of our Sydney network.

See you next time On The Ropes.

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