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Hi Guys, This Week is all SAFETY:

There are so many facets to safety on the work site and in our lives. 

We tell each other each day to “Work Safe”. I do. But what does that really mean?

Site Inductions, Incident Reporting, Material Safety Data Sheets, Trip and Slip Hazards, Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessments, Rescue Plans, Emergency Evacuation, Fall Prevention, Hazardous Chemicals Registers, PPE, Or should I say Ear Muffs, Protective Glasses, Breathing Mask, Helmet, Hard Hat, Sun Screen, Harness, Steel Capped Boots, Overalls, and then there is Power Isolation, Confined Spaces, Tool Tagging, Safe Working at Heights and most importantly, Safety Training. Oh Yeh! And don’t forget the Safety Cut-Off Switch, First Aid Kit and Safety Signs …

Also hands on training is vital:

sydney hands on training safety

When these and so many other safety points are covered, we still have to get on and do the job.

But it really doesn’t have to be that hard and foggy. A well planned safety procedure will in fact allow a smooth job process to occur if all of the steps of production and the reduction of the risks on site are coordinated and taken up in a logical sequence.

We all know the blank faces that start to manifest when some guy starts spurting out “big” words trying to impose his importance on site. But if we just simplify the safety steps and take them up one at a time in logical sequence with the team’s participation and input, then we have a team that can work together and look out for each other.

Team Work and Safety in Sydney

These guys know their stuff cold.

Sydney Abseilers doing Inspection

A good work flow will of course encompass a good safety plan flowing from the original assessment of the job through to its implementation and the final hand over to the client, all shining and new. But how can this occur with so much to remember?

This is where a good safety officer can bring great sanity into the work place with a logical progression and implementation of the safety procedures into the work place that will not hinder, but assist production. After all, production is what brings about personal morale and team spirit. To stand back and see the result from your hard work at the end of the day plays a big factor in job satisfaction and a happy working life.

And what do I mean by “Logical”? Well, each step of the safety process will flow and make send. Taking up a project starting with a Job Safety Analysis (Looking at all of the components of the works and identifying all hazards that may impede the work process). Carrying out thorough Risk Assessment on all hazards identified and ensuring that the risks involved are controlled and reduced to an acceptable level. Then integrating this into a Safe Work Method Statement that can easily be followed to assist the work process and get the job done.
An example of a safe days works would flow something like this.

  1. Start of Tool Box Talk.
  2. All members to read the Job Sheet and understand the purpose of the project.
  3. All hazards identified with participation from the team members.
  4. All control measures taken up and implemented.
  5. Seeing that all safety points are now a part of the Safe Work Method Statement.
  6. Vitally, ensuring that all members understand the job that they are there for and confident that they can carry it out to the professional finish required.
  7. All members to sign off on the SWMS and the Tool Box Talk form.
  8. Start the days works and make the target for the day.
When you have total confidence after completing a well participated Tool Box Talk with all team members in agreement and well coordinated to get in a good days work, you can jump into you harness, drop into work position, knowing that you have your Mask on, Protective Eye Wear, Ear Muffs and Head Protection, then you are set to start chomping into the wall with the jack hammer, destroying a big concrete cancer and installing a new concrete repair. Or even just getting that last coat of paint on the wall. 
sydney rope access team doing maintenance
It can be a lot of fun. And it should be.
Look forward to seeing you on the Ropes.
sydney on the ropes
Wishing you all Safety and Prosperity for the Season
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