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Using Sustainable Products in Sydney

OK! This Week's Feature Articles:

  • Sustainability
  • The Multi Tool
  • The Ultimate Energy Solution

We hear the buzz words of the environment and movements of global warming, sustainability, green house gases, carbon emissions, environmental change and now with the introduction of carbon taxes, it looks like we somehow paying taxes to God. Or maybe Mother Nature. Just trying to work out how she gets paid though.


But this is not a political news letter. I just want to show you how we are working at Sustainability.

So what is “Sustainability” anyway?

Macmillan Dictionary defines “sustainable” as

1. capable of continuing for a long time at the same level.
    Sustainable economic growth.

2. Using methods that do not harm the environment.
    Sustainable building maintenance

And the suffux “-ity” meaning: indicating state or condition

With the Word Original coming from the 13th Century: via Old French from Latin sustinēre  meaning – “to hold up.”


So I guess in my own words we are looking at providing materials that are long lasting and non-harmful to the environment. Sound right? Working around Sydney Harbour we really would not ask for anything less.


With a home worth looking after, it is vital in choosing products with long warranties and certified by Environmental Choice.


Here you can see the first maintenance period for one of Sydney’s top location apartments. All of the expansion joints are being removed and replaced and then the application of a complete membrane coating on all external surfaces giving this building new life.

The Multi Tool

This little fellow is just fantastic. The removal and replacement of expansion joints can be a very tough both on the hands and tools. So we carried out a little research and decided to go with the Fien Multi Tool.

Multi Tool for Expansion Joints

Here one of our technicians is cutting out the old getting ready for the new.

This slide show will give you a little insight into the process.

Click Image to View Slide Show:

fall arrest and height safety

Other than the blades running out a little quickly, it really is a great time saver and gives a very clean joint. Most importantly, it runs much more safely than using electrical grinders and the like with the simple rotating blade action.

We give the Thumbs Up for the Fien Multi Tool.

The Ultimate Energy Solution

I kind of don’t pay attention when I receive email of videos from people that I don’t know. But this one just caught my eye. Once I started watching, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Incredible Universal Energy

Universal Energy Information

Thank you Miriam. Our future on this planet really can change for the better of all the people. 

OK Guys, it is great to be back in touch with you all and sharing our adventures around Sydney On The Ropes. Let’s see what we get up to leading into Winter.

See you soon

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