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Hi there Rope Access Enthusiasts,

Just a personal hello from myself and possibly the first piece of information that you have received about Townview Australia.

We are a Building Maintenance Company, but feel that we have a very prominent difference from all other difficult access companies in our industry and in fact many other Building Maintenance companies in this industry.

sydney rope access painting

  • What does it really mean to be SUSTAINABLE?
  • How can we claim to be the SAFEST company in the industry?

It really leads back to why we go into business in the first place and what do we want to look back on in the years to come.

Did we do the right thing by our company members, our clients, the public and our environment?  That last point leading to our future generations. Did we do all that we could do?

For us, there really is so much more than being in business to just make money. I hope that a little enlightenment on why we have chosen this path will also assist you to make the right choices now and well into the future.
In this letter you will find our reasons for:

  • Industrial Abseiling. The safest form of work positioning on the planet.
  • Why We Use Green Paint?
  • Achieving Low Impact Building Maintenance.

Industrial Abseiling. The safest form of access on this planet.

sydney industrial rope access is the safest

As stated by our international governing body: 

IRATA is the sole global trade association in the work-at-height sector; it has member companies in every continent. Industrial abseiling has been developed by IRATA in the last 20 years to a point where it is the chosen means of safe work positioning for much of the work in the offshore oil and gas industry as well as a range of projects in construction, civil engineering, the built and natural environment and much more. Its success is based on thorough training and strict work guidelines that deliver an unrivalled safe working process year after year.


We have many IRATA Rope Access Technicians

IRATA is the international standard for training and safe work positioning procedures across the globe. I invite you to view their web site and scan a few of the up to date articles relating you our industry. 

With our technicians all trained under this international standard, we can without back off claim to be the safest company in our industry. A ZERO Incident Work Place is the proof of our procedures. 

Why Green Paint?

  • Toxicity.
  • Our Clean Environment.
  • Energy Saving.
  • Recycling.

I thought that being a green painter meant that we don’t wash our brushes out in the sink any more. Good practice, but just a fraction of the effect that paints are causing to our environment.

There are a few major points here, please take the time to read through.

Paint Toxicity

Low VOC Paints Sydney

Some Paints are Healthier than Others

‘Regular paints give off low level toxic fumes that can cause breathing irritations and headaches. Painted surfaces can continue to ommit fumes for months after coating. The good news is that many paint companies now offer healthier low emission products for the same cost. (These are also known as ‘low VOC’ products)

If you want to avoid paint fumes altogether, look for paints that contain all-natural ingredients. These can cost a bit extra but are worth it if you have allergic reactions or young children.’

 – Your Home Buyers Magazine (Australian Government initiative)

CSIRO studies have shown that occupants of new Australian homes may be exposed to up to 20 times the maximum allowable limits of inside air toxics for up to ten weeks after completion. Further CSIRO measurements in 27 suburban Melbourne residences more than a year after construction identified 27 airborne toxics. These included the carcinogens benzene, formaldehyde and styrene, and a cocktail of methanol, ethanol, acetone, toulene,dichlorobenzene plus a number of less well-known toxics, most of which are found in paints. Mineral turpentine (used as a thinner and solvent)may contain up to 20% benzene, which is a confirmed carcinogen and mutagen in continually exposed workers.

CSIRO estimates that inside air pollution costs the Australian community in excess of $12 billion a year in illness and lost productivity. Because VOC regulations are based on ozone reduction, toxic chemicals that do not form ozone are excluded from the required VOC calculations, as are toxic metals. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) list hazardous ingredients and can be obtained by calling paint manufacturers. Be aware that additions of pigments and additives such as biocides also affect the relative toxicity of the paint mix.

Acrylic paints typically include a range of biocides to preserve the la-tex, which can include arsenic disulphide, phenol, copper, formaldehyde, carbamates, permethrin and quaternary ammonium compounds. Just because a paint says it is “low VOC does not mean it does not give off hazardous vapors! ” (U.S.EPA. Evaluation of low-VOC la-tex paints.Inside IAQ: EPA’s Inside Air Quality Research Update. EPA/600/N-98/003.Fall/Winter, 1998.) While biocide manufacturers claim that the formaldehyde in these paints won’t come out, EPA data shows this is not the case.

Even when using paints that are classified as low VOC, immune suppressed individuals with conditions such as  Chronic Fatigue and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) should avoid rooms with fresh paint (of any kind) and health test dry paint samples after minimum 24 hours prior to paint application. Accredited Green Painters are well aware of issues relating to MCS sufferers, and can work closely with customers to determine the best outcome. 


There is so much published information on this and facts that we cannot ignore. Demand that your committee chooses Green Paint for YOUR BUILDING.


Our Clean Environment:

Help protect the Sydney environment

Now! Here is one datum that completely amazed me and opened the door to do something about it.

  • ground-level ozone: The main component of smog, ground-level ozone is formed when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react chemically with nitrogen oxides (NOx) when it is sunny and hot outside. Many urban areas have high levels of this summertime pollutant but rural areas can have increased ozone levels too as wind can carry ground-level ozone hundreds of miles from where it originates.
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs): Organic solvents that easily evaporate into the air. VOCs are emitted by thousands of products including paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings and they may cause immediate and long-term health problems.

These VOCs continue to omit from the painted surfaces months and even years after the coating has been applied. On hot days, you can literally see these VOCs hanging in the air.

With the use of LOW of No VOC Paints, we are reducing the direct impact on the planet caused my VOCs. We can do something about it and must work each day knowing that we are doing all possible.

Energy Saving!

Energy Saving Paint

Paint coatings are  now available that may significantly improve a buildings’ insulation properties, thereby leading to reduced energy costs and wastage. These products should be considered by specifiers for their ability to lower greenhouse emissions. Based on research carried out by Berkley University in California, Green Painters estimates that using heat-reflective coatings will offset an average of 18 tonnes of carbon emissions in Australian homes.

These paint products are most effective when using light colours, as light colours can reflect up to 50% of solar UV exposure.

Dark colours traditionally absorb solar UV more than light colours. However, sunlight is made up of 51% infra-red light. By replacing conventional black pigments with cool colour technology black pigments which reflect infra-red UV, it is possible to reduce heat absorption by the substrate, without altering the colour. This results in the coating become a heat-reflective coating, even in dark colours. This technology helps mitigate the urban heat area effect. 


Keeps your home or warehouse heaps cooler as well.

Energy Saving Coatings

Low Impact Building Maintenance.

Ropes are Low Impact on your building’s surface, and to any interruption that can occur during the works period on your building. Scaffolding, Large Lifting Equipment can cause a great inconvenience to the use of your living and working areas during as well as after working hours.

With Industrial Abseiling, the work is carried out with minimum disruption and use of space. When the work is done, all is back to normal until the next shift or over the weekend.

Rope Access for Work Positioning

Ok! %Guys,

so there you have the main purposes of Townview Australia. I look forward to the possibility of working with you in the near future and hearing that you too are making positive decisions to provide a clean environment for our future generations.

Let’s all make 2012 the turning point for this planet.

Look forward to seeing you 
On The Ropes.

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