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Sydney On The Ropes is BACK!

This Months Letter:

1. Well Done Sydney!

2. Announcing the Winner!

3. Comm Bank Goes Green.

Welcome to Sydney On The Ropes

A Greener Sydney

Well Done Sydney Ports for taking a step in the right direction using Low VOC Paints. With recent touch ups bringing the well known face of the Sydney Silos up to scratch, Sydney selected Enviro Choice Certified Astec Coatings to colour match the recent touch up works carried out.

This Sydney Rope Access Company

After learning the value to our environment and future sustainability by using Green Coatings, we made the company decision to play our part using only those paints verified as acceptable to the Enviro Choice screening. With the large amounts of paint quantities used by the many paint companies across Sydney and Australia Wide, we encourage all to follow suite and change the face of this industry.

Learn more about becoming green building and put the pressure on your committee to make the change today.

sydney rope access

sydney rope access painting company

And the Winner Is …

Wow! We have a winner for the Townview Logo Guessing Competition. The winner and only correct entry is:  Joe Lamotta (No, that is not, Jake Lamotta the Raging Bull.) – Manager for Colt Ventilation NSW.

Tickets for Two at Leicharddt’s Sapore Della Vigna Italian Restaurant.  Enjoy your dinner guys.

There is still the Hoyts Gold Pass Tickets to be won, so I guess we need a new competition. Or maybe the boss will join me.

So how did Joe see through the logo and find its hidden meaning?

TVA equals Townview Australia

Yes, the Logo does stand for TVA. I hope that this helps to clear it up. We had some great descriptions of our logo being curves of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Scales from a Fish, A Base Ball and a Wimbledon Ball. There where some great others as well and this really gave us such an insight of what we represent.

Great Fun, Food and Scenery working in Sydney. Of Course!

Thank you so much for all your answers.

Comm Bank also Goes Green!

Well done Comm Bank for approving the use of Astec Enviro Clean instead of the usual heavy duty cleaners with our annual external clean.

clean environmental wash

Let’s all make 2012 the turning point for the planet.


Looking forward to seeing you On The Ropes.


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