The Townview Home Page is up and looking pretty grooved in now.

We decided to go with a new Word Press Design. This was mainly due to the easy drop and drag features of the site and to have the ability to place a post at any time on one of our interested project and applications.

This week we started on a new painting project at Potts Point and are gearing up to complete this project over the summer work period. An old style block of apartments build right in the middle of WW II. We are hearing stories of the time that it took due to the resources required and difficulty to obtain them at that time. But I tell you, the condition of the building is better than so many that we see around this city that are less than a decade old.

There really is something that we can learn from these old masters.

OK! It is great to end off the week and please check the home page and let me know what you think.

I tell you what, I promise that I will post all comments, good or bad.

See you soon.

Mike from Townview