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This is the transcript of the intro for this video series.

Intro of the Basic Skills Modules

I am going to talk about some skills that are super valuable. We have all of these guys who have not got basic skills. They haven’t got the basic skills to use their hands. They can use a mobile phone, but they can’t do anything with their hands.

There are so many companies around Australia and there is a massive shortage of guys that have got these basic skills. These skill are remedial. Fixing things. How to do repairs on buildings, the maintenance on the outside of buildings is massive. It is just a continual process throughout Australia and the companies need really skilled guys.

So, I have put together this series of the different applications that we use. I am going to demonstrate these different applications that we use in Townview. And the ones that I am going to start with, and then we are going to come back later and refine more on the details of these applications, but the skills that I will be taking you through are:

  1. Silicon Joints or Expansion Joints, which you will see in bathrooms and buildings, all over the place. There is such a large amount in kitchens and just all over the place, but we don’t sort of notice them. So Expansion Joints is one that I am going to go through.
  2. Window Cleaning. How to clean windows professionally.
  3. We are going to do a little module on painting. Basic painting and how to get a really good finish.
  4. Render Repairs. There is a lot of render and render that is failing on buildings all over Australia and World Wide. You can take this skill anywhere in the world.
  5. Concrete repairs, which is also known as Concrete Cancer. How to fix the cancer, get it out and then repair it so that it is a nice repaired area.
  6. One thing that I’ll go over separately is Masking. How to mask up an edge. Guys have a little trouble with it because they have not been shown how to do it properly. Guys who do not know how to do this will take ten times longer and won’t even get as good a finish. Masking is using Masking Tape to get a straight edge to paint against, to get a dead straight line for silicon joints and other finishes. So when you peel it off, you get a beautiful dead straight line. That skill is called Masking.
  7. Measuring is a skill that is really not trained into people. Even though our kids go through mathematics in school, If you say to someone, “Can you cut it at 1,200 or 1,800?” They sort of don’t know what you are talking about. Or if you ask “measure down 800 and then make a 90 degrees and come back a metre”, they don’t know what you are talking about. So I am going to go through how to measure so that they know how to be understood on any job site. When they get an order, they are going to know what the order means.
  8. I’m going to go through a module on reporting. How to do a report that is logical, say on a wall or area, and you can present that report so that it is logical. They can present it with photographs or diagrams and someone can understand it without having to go and look at the wall. They can logically see the different parts on the wall that are being reported on. So a little simple series on how to do so and also some software tools that you can use to build and present a report. Free tools.
  9. A little bit on setup. How to set up on the job site. What are the priorities for setting up a job site and how do you protect the areas you are working on. Protect the workers around you or the pedestrians and the people around you. So just a little basics on setting up a job site.
  10. And finally, I will do a run through on Safety Paperwork. Because you can’t work these days without the safety paperwork in place. It’s illegal to do so. So just a little basics on how to put the safety paperwork together. And it shouldn’t be a hindrance to the job. The Safety Paperwork should aid the process of the job being done, so that the job is done logically; done in a safe manner; in a professional manner and at the end of it, you are going to have a high quality result which is going to be handed across to the customer And of course they are willing to pay for it.

So that is the intro and from here we are going to go to the first demonstration. And I will show you how they work.

See the next chapter and learn how to install Silicon and Expansion Joints of different types. Professional Joints that you know are a true trade finish.

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Glossary of Terms:

Gonna! – Aussie work meaning: I am going to. “I’m gonna show you how to render.”

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